To New Beginnings

"If you know how to talk, then you know how to write."

- Seth Godin


If I take Seth's quote to heart, then I should be able to write a lot. I've never been one to say a lot online, and I enjoy talking and connecting with people so I figured it was about time I got a blog and contributed to the ever amassing amount of documented human experience on the internet. 

I've got a simple mission: I'm going to be raw. I'm going to be honest. I'm going to do my very best to capture as many cool and valuable ideas as I can and then share them with you.

I've never done this blogging thing, but from what I've heard, sitting down and doing it is the hardest part. Therefore, I will now create a habit that requires I post 1 new blog post every single week at the bare minimum. Who knows, maybe I'll shake things up and post multiple times. As my friend, you should know I'm a bit of a wild card ;-)

So, what can you expect from my posts? You can expect a mix of business talk, ideas, philosophy, humor, personal development, relationships and travel. I'll pretty much be funneling all of the coolest and realest information into one location so that you and all of my friends can hang out with me whenever you want. I also think it'd be cool if my kids 50 years from now, or someone else's kids 500 years from now, can take a minute to hang out with me in my 25 year old state. I'm going to write each letter like I'm writing to you, because I am. 

No BS, this entire blog is a conversation and although I'll do most of the talking, like I do in the physical world, I want to invite you to share your voice, your feedback, your ideas with me right here. If you want to get involved with any of the ideas I'm throwing out there, let me know. If you need some help with one of your projects, let me know. 

I'd like to end this post with a toast. Here is to new beginnings, Internet friendship and becoming who we all deserve to become. Cheers!


Your boy,

Alexander Gross aka The Gross Profit