altMBA Students: We're being closed.

“The entire point is to experience tension.”

I feel like this is the point of altMBA. Structureless meetings, vague instructions, little ‘expert’ guidance. The tension has pushed me and all of us to move forward. Will we all sit around awkwardly, waiting for the teacher? Not in this course. The utter silence has forced us to come out of our shell. It’s forced us to engage with each other, to choose a meaning for our soon-to-be actions. Is altMBA closing a sale? Is the tension itself a mechanism to cause people to change under their own free will?

The tension is uncomfortable. I guess one could merely give up. Perhaps the $3000.00 price tag at the beginning served a purpose beyond profit and was used as a tool to lock students into staying the course. It was enough of a sunk cost that we felt we need to stay consistent with our previous choice. There is enough social pressure with learning groups accountability to bind us to this change, how ever vague it might be to us. There is enough authority by featuring best-selling author Seth Godin to mark his leadership and stamp of approval. There is a scarcity of time in each project we’re meant to ship, giving us little to no time to consider choosing an alternative course of action without feeling the wrath / fear of resisting these other influential factors. We’ve already been closed for our money. It's clear though, the closing isn’t over yet. 

The main close, the one we all set little expectation about, the mystery box, the change, is still in progress. The sale that altMBA appears to be making, is an endless sale. A relationship. As Seth called it in his video, an Opening, where a lasting relationship is built. This is the essence of sustainable businesses. This is the essence of Permission Marketing. Instead of selling us a widget, we’re being sold ideas, feelings, and stories, about how we can go about making Change. That’s the product. altMBA is an intentionally organized community of people who all share the same flavor of problem, and are actively seeking the solution: How can I make change happen in my world. I don’t know if Seth or Parin or Marie are feeling the tension personally, but they are quite intentional about creating it. They know the name of the game...

Always be closing.