The Hardest Part About Starting A Blog

"Don't worry if you don't think what you ship is good enough. It is. The scarce part is the shipping." - Seth Godin

When I first came across this quote, it shocked me. There is so much that has been created, how could it be that the amount of 'Stuff' that exists in our ultra-supplied world is actually the scarcity, simply a small percentage, of what could have been created. 

When I started this blog, I was sick of thinking about what could have been. I could have an online presence. I could have a place to reflect on ideas. I could connect with interesting people around the world. I could make a difference in someone's life by sharing an idea or an experience or a laugh.  All of these 'could-s' were all things that I wanted.

So, I decided. I made a choice. I will create a blog. I will connect with like-minded people. I will share ideas that aim to impact people's lives. In just one week, I can say I've done all of these things. 

What was difficult for me to understand before I changed my mindset about blogging from 'could' to 'will', was that the tasks that I thought were important, were not. The hardest part wasn't the website or even the writing. The hardest part pops up at the beginning of every day and stares you in the face.  The great thing about the hardest part, is that it only needs to last a second. The hardest part is the decision to change from 'could' to 'will'. The hardest part is making an honest, true decision about what I was going to actually do, no matter what.

Funny enough, after the decision was made, the rest figured itself out.