How To Save An Hour A Day With One Simple Tool

One of the most common ways we waste time today is scrolling through our social media news feeds. If you're like me, you have a habit of drifting to a social media site. Sometimes the drifting is triggered by an email message or you're expecting a post. Most often it's just boredom and or escape from whatever work you ought to be doing.  The other day I discovered one of the simplest, yet most effective tool I've used in a while. This tool is called the News Feed Eradicator and is a plugin for Chrome. It does something quite special. When you install the app, New Feed Eradictor will replace your entire newsfeed with a simple and powerful quote from history's most epic people. Reading these quotes trigger my inner desire to take action towards my main goal and instantly refocuses my energy on things that are more important than another Donald Trump story floating around the interwebs. I highly recommend using this tool if you want to eliminate wasteful time you spend on Facebook during your day!